Saturday, June 18, 2011

Perfect Picture Moment

I almost never have a camera handy when these moments occur.

For some reason Blarney, our Malamute/Border Collie, was being a real pest as I tried to eat my breakfast. He crowded close to my chair and panted as hard as he could. I have no idea what deliberate, heavy panting is about, but he seems to use it anytime he wants attention. Between the panting and drooling I was getting seriously ticked off with him.

I gave him the "go lay down" command, which is actually two commands meaning he is supposed to remove himself to another place and then lay down. He ignored the first command. I gave it again, louder. I didn't want to put down my cheese toast and make him obey, which is the correct way to deal with such a situation. So I got louder and he finally backed up a couple of steps and lay down. He put his nose on his paws and mournfully rolled his big brown eyes at me.

This is when Mamma Kitty, our smallest cat limped over (a whole 'nother story) and lay her head against his for a moment. Since his head is the size of her whole body this made for that picture perfect moment.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Hidey Hole

It has been over a year since I last posted anything to my blog. It says a lot about that year that my husband became quite excited when he saw me pick up a couple of How To Write books and take them back to my hidey hole.
The hidey hole developed during my first round of chemotherapy. I only slept an hour or so at a time and then I'd be awake for a couple of hours.
My recliner was hauled into the bedroom and tucked into a corner. My small drawing table joined it so I could have my computer, Kindle, IPad and books at hand. A special lamp was added so I could read during those middle of the night awake times. We had no idea just how long that corner was going to be used.
My first check up after my first round of chemo revealed that my Large B cell lymphoma wasn't defeated. Over the next year I've had to under go a second round of chemo, radiation and blood stem cell transplant.
I'm almost a hundred days out from my transplant. At first I was barely able to take care of my basic needs, but bit by bit I have been able to do more and my chemo brain seems to be getting better as well. I'm told it will take at least two years to recover from the transplant. I am at least beginning to see the possibility that I will be able to resume the things that are important in my life such as my writing, swimming and, someday, taking care of my horses again.
I think the hidey hole will stay though because it is a wonderful spot from which to watch birds and assorted wild life.